Regatta Results 2024

Thank you to all who participated in the 2024 TASSAL Dover Regatta! A fabulous weekend with kind weather and great fleets on the water.

Series Placegetters were:

Off The Beach Division 1

1st Hellbent: Aleksandra Price

2nd Ninja Panda: Brad Strange

3rd @c: Nicholas Shoe

Off the Beach Division 2:

1st Loose Canon: Jess Wardell

2nd My Horizon: India Williams

3rd Lauchie Barr


1st Voyager: Cameron Underwood

2nd Riptide: Abbey Lodge

3rd Fear Knot: Lincoln Davey

Keel Boat Racing

1st Magnolia: Martin Wohlgemuth

2nd Temptation: John Tanton

3rd Twiggy: Saul Davidson

Keel Boat Cruising

1st Vindsang: Jeremy Clowes

2nd Aria: Kathleen Reid

3rd Aeolus: Jack Brooker

Kettering to Dover Race

1st Makore II: Paul Bucaslle

2nd Sea Gypsy: Paul Fenwick

3rd Magnolia: Martin Wohlgemuth

Franklin Marine William Jackson Cup Race

1st Magnolia: Martin Wohlgemuth

2nd Twiggy: Saul Davidson

3rd Temptation: John Tanton

Essentially Tas Noel Doepel Trophy

1st Aria: Kathleen Reid

2nd Windward Star: John Brown

3rd Tinkerbell: Andy Bullock

BK Price Trophy – Mixed off the Beach

1st Hellbent: Aleksandra Price

2nd Ninja Panda: Brad Strange

3rd @C: Nicholas Schoe

Race Committee Boat Award:
for displaying great sailing skills by a junior skipper in the Keel boat racing division.

Fair Dinkum: Samson Fisher


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