Sponsors and Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the support of government, local businesses, community organisations,
sailing clubs, club members and volunteers, and numerous individuals from the local community and
further afield. Without the financial and in-kind support we receive, we would not be able to run the
Port Esperance Sailing Club.
Since the loss of our sailing club, the generous support we have received has been incredibly
heartening. It is due to the assistance of so many people and organisations that we are continuing to
hold sailing, rowing and social events and the re-build of our clubhouse is under way.
Thank you everyone!

Gold Donors

Rebecca Hancock
James Vicary

Craig Coulsen

Noakes Blue

Price Family


Spring Bay Boat Club

Andrew & Jing Wong

Arthur Clarke
Siobhan Carter

Silver Donors

Hop the Wag

Kingston Beach Sailing Club

Janet Whitlow

Sally Errey

Anne & Robert Rottenbury


Rob & Sally Gregor

Vanishing Point Design

Ned and Daisy

Tracy Matthews & Peter Holmes

Nest Property Hobart

Sandy Bay Sailing Club

Strata Geoscience and Environmental P/L

Esperance Adventures

Dover Book Exchange

Dover Pharmacy

Bronze donors

Charmaine Cuthbertson

Diana Leeder

Bill Dunbar

David O’Byrne MP

FKT- Wiley Designs

In memory of Dennis O’Neill

In memory of Craig Steel

Jim Bashford & Kier Tyson

James Hall

Dr Sarah Hall

Sue Hall

John Wilcox TMC


Folie Deux RGYC

Island Star RYCT

Reverie RGYC


Folie à Deux RGYC

Charlie’s Dream – GB

Final Final


H. B. & L. Williams

Zachary Hull

Bill Dunbar & Mel Broe

Judith Gamble-
Esperance Technologies

Andrew Watson

Darren Clark

Mac + Ivy Adams

J & D Deegan

Cate and Derek Inglis

Tim Tierney

Claire Tierney

Andy Perry

Tongue Road – Cliffy

Sam Bailey

Bob & Christine Rudland

Trish Vincent

Ashdowns of Dover Bed and Breakfast

Jing’s Kitchen

John & Lianne Clark

Greg and Linda Thorp

Robert Prince

L & S Doyle

Beverley Hitchens

Peter Reid

Rowan & Magda Wylie & Birtus

Robbie Davis


Jan and Alan Butler

Alexander Jeffery James

Nev Boulton

Miles Pitman

Joanne Pitman

“Little Sailors”

Goggo RYGC


Michele & John Williams

Jade- SYC

Charlie’s Dream- Peter

Hunters Hill Sailing Club

Momentum VDL22

Savanah J

Aiako & Andrew Halford

Ange Thorpe & Jen Rudland

Michael Pitcher

Dete Wardell 

Chris Holliday & Jo Topp

Craft Family

Sean Pearce

Mandy McLeod

Nic Street MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Cordelia & Lincoln Davey

J & D Deegan

Ken Batt

Arnold Thomas

Elaine & Dave Alden

Jane Wilson

David Perez – NeedWant Spanish

Georgie and Clayton

Flux & Ninapatina Pty Ltd

Frank’s Cider

Dorothy Bruck

Steve Dounton

Lydia and Jarrod Eastley

Jan Lee

Adamson Family

Linda Brown


Julie Collins MP

Barrington Bakowski

Annie Venables

Lou & Daz Williams

Barbara and Steve Glaus

Surges Bay Orchard


Liz Meyer & Sandy Doull

Nick & Taff Gales

Wild Honey RYGC

“La Boheme”

Willo & Cheb

Grant & Shelagh Ford

M J & C Brown

Richard Bevan

Grant & Carolyn Somerville

Jeremy Firth

Charlotte Vicary & Adam Page

Chris and Louise Bracken


Jess Wardell

Megan Jacobs

Ekamai And Ookala

Kevin and Sandra Robson

Dean Winter MP

Hon. Jacquie Petrusma MP

Jim and Vicki Atkinson

Elaine and Dave Alden

Cirrus Crew

Greg Matthews

Graham Kent

Paul & Annie Cox

Women on Water, Living Boat Trust

Jenna Heather & Adam Casey

Abel Labels

REC Hydraulic Design Consultants P/L

Southport Community Center

David De Little

Richard & Pippa Moore

Dover Hardware

SV Stella


Port Esperance Sailing Club is the southernmost yacht club in Australia. It conducts regular dinghy racing and yacht cruising activities as well as sail-training.

About Us


We are raising funds to rebuild the clubhouse. If you would like to donate, please visit our Fundraising page and help us realise the completion of our club this year!